Gem-Fondling Fairy Coblin


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This delightful little fairy coblin is one of the mascots for Con on the Cob 2018. He will also be featured in an upcoming book for the Low Life roleplaying game.

Gazillions of years in the future, after the vaunted Hoomanrace has reached extinction, the denizens of Oith have evolved from the dregs that survived the Time of the Flush. One such denizen, the lowly and majestic coblin, somehow mutated from simple ears of what passes for corn. Who knows how fairy coblins came to be, but they did, and one is here for your decorating pleasure.
This 5″x7″ full color drawing was created with Prismacolor colored pencils on Bristol smooth illustration paper. It comes framed in snazzy silver-painted wooden frame. It is signed by the artist.