Oddmall Outpost?


Since 2009 thousands of visitors have enjoyed the incredible diversity of unique art, handmade crafts, oddities, absurdities, geekinesses, and wonders on display and for sale at our various Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird festivals and shows throughout northern Ohio and the Pacific Northwest. Those shows are still happening happenings, but now we’re offering a little something special for friends and fans who can’t make it to the annual events or who, for various reasons, find themselves deficient in their recommended daily allowance of Oddmall awesomeness.

BEHOLD! Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd, 6000 square feet (and a parking lot) of amazing amazingnesses. It’s an overflowing cornucopia of raw, burning (not literally) creativity featuring the works of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of the world’s most innovative, imaginative, inspired, and original artists and crafters. Here weirdness is a virtue, imagination is unleashed, ideas are shared, fantasy is cherished, and all people are welcome. It’s a cosmic wonderland of creativity and you are the planet’s designated ambassador.

Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd is a consignment shop overflowing with art, crafts, games, toys, geeky things, oddities, and other exciting and wonderful jazz. If you are an artist, crafter, or purveyor of anything odd, unique, geeky, or interesting please check out the Consignment Information page for, well, consignment information.


Visit the digs at:

Oddmall Outpost
772 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd.
Akron, Ohio 44319

(It’s in Green but the address says Akron because it’s a conspiracy of some sort. Solve the mystery and win a FREE high five!).


The store will be opening in the Spring of 2018. We’ll post hours here once we decide on them.


You can come on in through the front door.

If you are interested in stocking your wares at the Oddmall Outpost head over to the Consignment Information page.


I haven’t decided yet.


Everyone (except evil people). All people are welcome at Oddmall and the Oddmall Outpost. As long as your idea of fun doesn’t involve ruining somebody else’s idea of fun you are our kind of person. Oddmall does not, and will not tolerate anyone who does, discriminate against other people based on race, religion, sexual orientation, planet of origin, disability (we are working on making the place accessible), age, nationality, socioeconomic status, size, gender, whether or not your name is Curtis, or how you react when stared at by geese. We do, however, reserve the right to discriminate against you if you are evil, bigoted, racist, sexist, or mean.

What Else?

With over 2000 square feet of dedicated event space, Oddmall Outpost is THE place to be for art workshops, crafting demonstrations, gaming gatherings, musical performances, community meet-ups, and any manner of social or community engagement.