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Con on the Cob is this week!!!!!

Con on the Cob, the most fun thing in the history of fun (and things) is this week and we are totally jazzed! In order to ensure everybody gets to participate, we have decided to close Oddmall Outpost until next Tuesday (October 19th). We look forward to seeing you then. Also, if you enjoy fun things, come hang out with us at Con on the Cob!

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Updated Hours

Since we reopened the Outpost last year, we have a had a steady schedule for weekends. But, with shows returning and other changes looming, it was time to update our hours as well to meet new business demands. Starting 7/25, our Sunday hours will be the same as our Saturday hours (12PM to 6PM) Keep your eyes on this page and our Facebook page for more updates/changes as they occur, like the return of game nights and crafter meets.

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Maker of the Month

We are starting a new feature to try and help out the wonderful artists and content creators that fuel this Oddmall machine. Keep your eyes tuned here at the beginning of each month for the announcement, and look to our Facebook page for weekly posts highlighting that maker’s various creations. And if you would like to be considered for future installments, please make sure to message us. Without further ado, here we go.

It’s time to meet our first Maker of the Month! Today, we bring to you, the man behind the Odd; Andy Hopp *wild applause* Many of you know Andy as the Danny Devito of the Oddmall shows, but did you also know he has a ton of items he has made himself? Andy has books, card games, artwork, and more, all for sale at the Outpost, and on this very website. Be sure to check them out, and be sure to watch our Facebook page as we highlight specific works throughout the month.