Alphabeast Soup


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Alphabeast Soup follows the whimsical adventures of an intrepid wizard and his loyal team of hapless minions as they collect the bizarre ingredients of a mystical potion in hopes of curing the tummy troubles of a gluttonous king. Along the way they encounter such unusual creatures as:

The frost-lurking Ubbubb, who slides over snowy hills on a sled made of minion hide.

The incorrigably cute Flounce, whose toenails drip with angry toxins.

The golden-throated Quoop, with a song so lovely it alters the very fabric of reality.

The dastardly Zumtho, whose breath of death destroys minions by the horde.

The Joffle-o-ninecheeks. You don’t want to know about the Joffle-o-ninecheeks. Trust me.

…and an entire menagerie of strange and unique beasts.

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