Behold! The official online Oddmall auction and raffle thing!


With several live shows throughout the year Oddmall is one of Ohio’s largest and most unique exhibitions of art & artifice featuring hundreds of artists, crafters, entertainers, cosplayers, artisans, and purveyors of games, toys, comics, collectibles, and all things odd, geeky, bizarre, imaginative, and wonderful!


With Oddmall’s live shows ephemerally postponed and the physical Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd temporarily closed it falls upon us to provide you with alternate means of acquiring all the sweet, sweet handmade jazz, incredible artwork, vintage awesomenesses, and whimsical oddities typically presented at our award-winning events and venues.

Sure, the Oddmall Outpost online store awaits at www.oddmalloutpost.com, and peeps are encouraged to spend their waking hours perusing and purchasing the wares presented therein, but here we present two alternate and potentially even more exciting avenues for creative consumption – web raffles (waffles) and live online auctions!

Oddmall artists and consignors have mouths to feed and you, presumably, have copious cornucopias overflowing with spare cash and liquid assets. It’s a win-win. Here’s how it works…


Here’s how it all goes down:

Step #1: We will periodically post items up for raffle. Each item description will include details regarding the number of spaces (tickets) available and the price per ticket. For example: Twenty spaces at $2 a space.

Step #2: If you are interested in a chance to win the item, post in the comments indicating how many spaces you wish to purchase. For example: “I want three spaces”, “Please reserve space 6 for me, kind sir”, or “I’ll buy all the spaces and nab the item right now.”

You may also ask any questions you have about the item in the contents. Please keep the conversation focused on the item, of course.

Step #3: Once all the spaces are accounted for, we will close the raffle with a note saying “PENDING PAYMENTS” and those who committed to nabbing spaces will purchase their tickets via PayPal (send to oddmaffle@oddmall.info). Please be sure to select the “sending money to friends or family” option. Participants will have 48 hours to submit payment.

Step #4: Once we have a few closed waffles we will post an announcement with the Live Events topic letting everyone know when the live raffle drawing will be happening.

Step #5: We will do a live drawing using a random number generator, lottery wheel, or other approved randomizing device and announce the winners on Facebook live. Winners will also be alerted by instant message.

Step#6: If you won, we’ll mail you your jazz!

Here are a few things to consider:

– The price listed for the waffle might be different than the price listed for the same item at Oddmall Outpost. The reason for this is that items in the waffle include all taxes, shipping, and handling fees. Sometime an item might be less than it is listed for at Oddmall Outpost. This could happen just because we’re feeling generous and we like you.

– If you commit to a space in a waffle but don’t submit payment within 48 hours you may be banned (temporarily or permanently) from participating in future waffles.

– As long as a waffle still has at least 50% of its spaces available you may Buy It Now (BIN) for the full cost of all the tickets. To do so, just let us know in the comments.