Workshops & Events

Since this site is still embryonic we can’t hip you to the details of all the fantastic events, workshops, parties, and super happy fun times we’ll be hosting in our 2000 square foot downstairs event space. Rest assured, however, that we can clue you in on the gist.

Once we get things rolling Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd will be inviting you to all sorts of jazz, such as:

Art Workshops

Are you aware that many members of the Oddmall staff are creative and artistically inclined? Did you know our boss is a professional illustrator, writer, and game designer? Did you know we have a lot of artsy-fartsy friends (some more the latter than the former)? Well, that stuff is all true, which is why we will be offering a broad schedule of art workshops, demos, panels, seminars, and discussions. Some will be free and others will have an associated fee.

Gaming Events

Oddmall Outpost is fully stocked with a HUGE assortment of board games, card games, tabletop roleplaying games, and other such hobbies and diversions. In fact, the entire Con on the Cob Games Library resides here. Come play with us. We’ll be hosting frequent tournaments, gatherings, and game nights.


According to this 100% true verified lie I am writing right now, Oddmall means “fun” in over twenty world languages. To prove it to you we’ll be opening things with a super fun holiday party for all our Oddmall friends. Santa and Krampas will be there…


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