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The Winter Defiance Hoopla at Oddmall Oddpost: Assembly of Odd

It may be the middle of January but that’s no reason we can’t get some fun in the sun happening at Oddmall Outpost! Old Man Winter is a jerk and we raise our collective fists in defiance of his toe-freezing antics! Bring your friends and family to Oddmall Outpost January 19th for all sorts of summery goodness!

Will super heroes be there?

I think they just might be – smacking winter in its villainous face with blistering summery justice and also posing for pictures with you. 

Will there be volleyball?

Of course there will be volleyball. It might be volleyball in the snow, but it’s still volleyball. If we’re really nice maybe we can also play badminton.

What about henna? Will that awesome girl who does the amazing henna tattoos be there? If so, can I get my henna on with her?

You mean Cricket? Yep. She’ll be there and she’ll be decorating the people with here fantastic henna-applying skills.

What about a tiki bar? It’s not appropriately defiant of winter if there isn’t a tiki bar.

Oh, there’ll be a tiki bar. It will be serving your favorite non-alcoholic summery beverages. Do you like pina coladas?

Leis? Should I assume there will be leis?

Of course there will be leis! What do you take us for? In fact, the first thirty guests to arrive will nab themselves a free flowery lei to flaunt in the face of winter’s hoary hordes.

Is there a dress code?

I don’t know about you, but I plan to wear shorts. You can wear whatever you want.

Are you going to be opening early for the Hoopla? This whole “We don’t open until 2pm on Saturdays” nonsense has me as flustered as a one-headed cat on a hot tin room full of rocking chairs.

Yes indeed. We’ll be opening at noon on January 19th so you’ll have plenty of time to get some shopping in while you enjoy the festivities.

What else will there be?

Ping pong. Darts. An entire library of board games. So much fun.

What about Story Time with Uncle Kylan? Will that be a thing?

I don’t know, let’s ask him…

I know it’s probably posted somewhere directly in front of me, but please let us know the address again.

Sure thing.

Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd
772 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd.
Akron, Ohio 44319