Wits and Wagers: Epic Geek Edition


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The Epic Geek edition was intended to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Wits & Wagers, but it needed another year to get “that extra kick over the cliff” (yes, this version goes to 11). There are 3 things which make the Epic Geek edition different (and better) than every other edition of Wits & Wagers:

1) It has all new questions about the epic stories we love such as Star Wars, The Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Monty Python, Batman, etc. If there is a brand you love, chances are you’ll find a question or two about it in this game.

2) It has stunning artwork on the back of each HUGE 5″ x 8″ player board. These illustrations were commissioned by some of the best artists in the industry such as Boris Vallejo & Julie BellJimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Connor , and Jon Kovalic.

3) Every player board comes with an unique in-game power that adds a layer of fun interaction to the game. Anytime the zombie player goes all-in and loses, he comes back to life with 5 free chips. The Wizard of Odds can switch any two payout odds before the answers are revealed. The Superhero helps the downtrodden by moving another player’s bet to the correct answer (for which he receives a small token of gratitude from the mayor). You get the idea! It’s the interaction of these thematic in-game powers that make this edition epically fun to play.