Universe Gone Dancing: A Manic Cosmology


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Mark S. Kuhar is a writer, poet, editor, publisher, artist, and songwriter.  He is also the author of Acrobats in Catapult Twist (2003), Laughing in the Ruins of Chippewa Lake Park (2004), E40th & Pain: Poems from Deep Cleveland (2006) and Mercury in Retrograde (2012).  He was a featured poet in the book Cleveland Poetry Scenes.  He is the founder of the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour (a live monthly spoken-word event) and is the proprietor of Deep Cleveland LLC, which includes Deep Cleveland Press and the Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle, a literary e-zine dedicated to the spirit of legendary outlaw poet, artist, and underground publisher d.a. levy.

Sven Geier is employed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology.  His artwork was created as a digital fractal energy project.

Universe Gone Dancing is a collection of four poems making up what Kuhar calls a “manic cosmology,” which is the vibration of words meant to represent the interlocution of the universe in manifest.  It was originally written to be translated into numbers, but the mental trigonometry hasn’t been invented yet.

“Mark Kuhar is the rustbelt Ptolemy, binding the heavens and the earth to our fragile and miraculous selves.”  — Miles Budimir, author of Departures and Rustbelt Romance


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