Unctious Pwoof & Arteest Color Drawing


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Cheese Toes & Umbley the Glop Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Whole Hole Vol. 1 Keister Island

Unctious Pwoof (Left)
The unique smellemental properties of the Garden are of particular interest to smellcasters. Just about any smellcaster worth her snot has visited the Garden at least once. It’s really the place to be, considering the concentration of smllemedleys, the hordes of like-minded experts, and the myriad liberties and workshops dedicated to the art. Although some of the smellcasters are monks, mostly of the Seventh Septum, a great many are not. The come from all over Oith to improve their craft and study the esoteric wisdom of their brethren.


Arteest (right)
Artsy-fartsy sorts have long been inspired by the Garden’s brilliant organic architecture, its panoramic views of the Keister, and its vast colorful groves of fungal goodness. They’re attracted to the Garden in throngs, painting their paintings, drawing their drawings, singing their songs, composing poetry, and pursuing all sorts of other creative endeavors.


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