Trailer Park Wars


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You have finally landed the job of your dreams: Trailer Park Manager!

To be the best darn Trailer Park Manager in town you must place quality tenants in your trailers, add some sweet amenities to create a fun and friendly atmosphere, and go about destroying the other trailer parks in town… no matter what it takes.

Place “Phil McCrackin”, the plumber, as a tenant in your trailer park.
Add the “Above Ground Pool” as an amenity.
Then launch a “Surface to Trailer Missile” over to another trailer park to blow up a trailer and a tenant.
All in a days work at the Trailer Park!

Play Trailer Park Wars for a Gut Bustin’ Great Time!
A Game of Lower Level Management for 2-6 Fun Loving Players Ages 13+. Playing Time 1 Hour.

Game Contents:

  • 100 Pink 3D Stand-up Yard Flamingo Miniatures
  • 48 Trailer Cards
  • 130 Trailer Park Wars Cards
  • 24 Trailer Park Name Tiles
  • Instructions