Today I Draw Dragons


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An Art Book.
A Coloring Book.
Your Adventure.

Shelly Loke’s Dragons get involved in all sorts of antics as they stride, snore, and soar through their enchanted life. Now they are here ready for you to enhance their existence with your creative play. Bring on the pencils, markers, and pens!

On these pages Shelly’s whimsical creatures will do their thing. Now it is time for you to do yours. Shake off that daily stress and humdrum by adding a bit of crazy to a waiting beasty. Who says a dragon has to be green? You can shift the gaze, add wild patterning, and render a storm in the distance. Come and enter the world of Shelly’s Dragons. They may be untamable but you can still make them your own.

Artist Shelly Loke has been entertaining people with her weird drawings from the moment she could pick up a crayon. Her fresh take on fantasy will intrigue you. Countless hours of sketching and honing her craft now pave a trail to her growing published works.