The Priors Pt 1: To Kill a Priest


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In a universe with infinite realities, could you settle for just one?

Humankind is evolving. Madelin has special shifting abilities, and a government black-op agency knows it. To free herself, she will have to trust an unknown godfather and men with questionable pasts to test the limits of this world and break them… but will the next be any better?

For those who love books with complex, tortured characters and action-packed adventure, Weston Kincade’s first book in The Priors series is the thrill ride for you.

Join the rebellion. Read To Kill a Priest today.

“I could sit and savor Mr. Kincade’s prose one sentence at a time, but the rapidity of the plot propels me forward like a slingshot.” ~Mallory A. Haws, The Haunted Reading Room