Sunny Hindquarters & Flew Color Drawing


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Sunny Hindquarters & Flew Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Whole Hole Vol. 1 Keister Island

Flew with a “Stuff” sign board. (left)

Sunny Hindquarters (Right)
The Dive Inn is a filthy, strumpet-infested midden of crud and iniquity. It’s really not much more than a crumbling tenement made from rotting planks and bits of stalk salvaged from shipwrecks and refuse piles. Inside it’s just one big room with a floor littered with dingy mattresses and dingier peeps. The boss of the place is a pimpular smelf called Sunny Hindquarters (Pimp Smelf, to his friends). He struts up and down the adjacent alleys with a gaggle of strumpets on his arms, offering sailors and groggy peeps a place to lay their heads and a night of raunchy entertainment.