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Starship Infernum Playtest

Date: September 29, 2018
Time: Two sessions 4-7pm and 8-11pm.
Materials Provided: Yes
Maximum Size: 16
Restrictions: None
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Come one, come all (or at least three brave souls) on Saturday, 9/29 for the final playtests of Starship Infernum, a role-playing game of sci-fi survival, before we send it off to the editors. This game is easy to play and lots of fun! No dice or experience needed! Characters will be provided or you may make your own before the game begins. Rated PG-13: this game deals with death and scary situations.

1st Session 4 to 7pm – Flying into the Sun The crew wakes from stasis to find out that their ship is on a collision course with a star. Will they be able to repair the engines and escape in time or will they be burned to a crisp? It is time to buckle up and put on your hero hat, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance!

2nd Session 8 to 11pm – Prison Break A riot has broken out on a prison transport ship and a crew of special operatives is brought in to deal with it. Can they make their way through the unfamiliar ship, fight off pirates, and retake the bridge? Or will they give up and run home to their mothers? One options promises milk and cookies, but the other one comes with a hefty paycheck!

Play Starship Infernum, an exciting new tabletop roleplaying game with Robert Turk, the game’s creator.

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