Shaving Soap (Rosemary Mint)


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Our Vegan shaving soap, in a 2.75 inch round. Made with fine Soy Bean Oil (natural source of Vitamin E), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Brazillian Babassu Oil, skin rich Cocoa Butter and Organic Jojoba oil. The Hemp Shaving Soap is soy free, made with Hemp Seed Oil (rich in omega fatty acids), Cocoa Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, GLA rich Evening Primrose Oil. Both recipes include Aloe Vera, Allantoin (for healing), Zinc Oxide and Vitamin E for extra skin care. Kaolin Clay is added to help the razor blade glide over your skin. Clay acts like a natural lubricant. Of course, our Castile Shaving Soap naturally contains glycerin from the soap making process.

A 3 oz. round soap made for shaving!

Rosemary Mint

Rosemary Mint Shaving Soap, invigorating and fresh scent loved by most men and women. Our shaving soap is one of our basic recipes, enhanced with kaolin clay for glide, Organic Jojoba, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Allantion to help freshen, soften, restore and heal your skin. Our soap contains natural glycerin, which helps with glide and moisturizing your skin. Rosemary Essential Oil blended with Spearmint Essential Oil create the all natural scent. The shaving round is 2.75 inches and will fit most shaving mugs.

* One Quarter Moisturizing lotion
* Natural Glycerin
* Part Certified Organic Ingredient(s)
* Part Certified Rainforest Alliance Ingredient(s)
* Part Certified Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Ingredient(s)
* Vegan Ingredients
* Aloe Vera Enriched.
* Vitamin E Enriched.
* Essential Oil(s)
* Green, Renewable Ingredients and Manufacturing
* Made in Pennsylvania, American Made
* No Petroleum based ingredients