Romance of La Pecelle: Passion in Orleans


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The year is 1429. After a hundred years of warfare, England seems poised to complete their invasion of France, conquering at last the kingdom founded by the descendants of Jesus and Marie Magdalene. King Charles VI is dead and his last son hides in southern France, the northern half of the nation occupied by England and the traitorous Duke of Burgundy. For the beleaguered royal court, all hope seems lost.On the eastern edge of France, a peasant girl named Jehanne leaves home on a mission given to her by the goddess Sarah, Magdalene’s daughter, to save France from the English and repel their invasion. To do this, she must escort the Dauphin, heir to the throne, to the city of Reims to be officially crowned. However, Reims is in the occupied north, and a peasant girl hardly has the ear of a prince.To accomplish her divine mission, Jehanne must find allies, convince the church of France that she is not a heretic, and gain a royal audience with the Dauphin – and that is only what is necessary for her to begin her fight against the English invaders.And, as if that was not enough, in the midst of deadly battles and dire politics, Jehanne finds that she must contend with one other matter – falling in love.Romance of La Pucelle: Passion in Orléans is a historic fantasy novel taking place in a magical version of 1400s France.


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