Red Crud & Dead Fish People Orig. Color Drawing


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Red Crud & Dead Fish People Orig. Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Whole Hole Vol 1 Keister Island

Red Crud (Left)
Initially the product tanked because she couldn’t fit the name on the label, but, with the help of her nephew, a Hoomanitarian daddy who renamed the stuff Red Crud and sold it at his congregation’s bake sale, it began to find a market. Today, about a century later, the red crud harvesting industry in Glop is run by Aunt Scrimpledumpkins’s descendants. They hire specially trained cremefillians to lazily swim the sanguine Flow, absorbing more and more algae with each languid stroke. The crud is then combed from the cremefillians’ spongy flesh and laid out in trays to dry in the open air for up to a month before being crushed and bottled for sale in the sorts of places peeps who buy stuff like that shop.

Dead Fish People (right)
The Straits of Phloppun, like the Left Cheek coastline, are turbulent and craggy with high bluffs and dangerous winds, but they’re also clogged with floating mattes of weed and filth. During certain times of the year, especially in the months of Eightuary and Ninetember, it’s actually possible for a dude to walk across the strait in some areas. It is during these months that the subterranean Dead Fish People, a clan of savage, cannibalistic werms that inhabit the caves and grottoes of the region, emerge from their dens to nocturnally ambush vessels trudging through the mire.


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