Nodwick: A World Without Piffany


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by Aaron Williams “A World Without Piffany”?What would the world of Nodwick be like without our favorite font of goodness, purity and virtue? Nodwick finds out when he falls into the Cleft of the Cosmos and finds himself in a most ugly reality; Henchmen are extinct, evil rules the land, and the person who duct-tapes him back from the grave has never existed! Meanwhile, back in Nodwick’s home universe, things aren’t much better because Piffany’s superiors think it’s time for her to retire from adventuring and take up more academic pursuits! Pick up Nodwick #9 for part one of this two-part epic! Plus, brand-new back- up strips: Dork Tower by John Kovalic and PvP by Scott Kurtz! b&w, 32pg