Life of Death


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When a teenager discovers he has the power to relive murder, he’s led to a shocking family secret.

Virginia, 1995. Alex desperately seeks comfort at his father’s grave. Battling school bullies, girl problems, and an abusive, drunk stepdad, the only place the teen feels untroubled is under the cemetery’s trees. But when he casually drags his fingers along a wrought-iron fence, he’s overwhelmed by a terrifying vision of murder…

Convinced he must act on his otherworldly knowledge, Alex and his high-school crush search their town for proof of the violent crime. But as his revelations grow stronger, the terrible truths he uncovers could throw his entire stepfamily into mortal danger.

Will Alex’s supernatural skill become a blessing for justice or a deadly personal curse?

A Life of Death is the thrilling first installment in the YA paranormal mystery trilogy. If you like underdog heroes, heart-wrenching journeys, and unexpected twists, then you’ll love Weston Kincade’s unnerving coming-of-age tale.


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