Letterkenny Irish Hockey Decal Sticker 3.5″


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Support your love for the Letterkenny Irish hockey team with this 4-color layered decal.

Permanent adhesive is great for sticking it to your laptop, your car window, or wall.

Includes one decal, 3.5” x 3.5” in size.

Each decal is layered by hand, so please allow for slight variations.

To use:
1. Clean and dry surface decal will be applied to. (The smoother the better.)
2. Remove paper backing.
3. Carefully line up and apply decal carefully to avoid creases and bubbles.
4. Use a credit card to smooth any air bubbles out and fully adhere decal to surface.
5. Carefully roll and peel away clear top layer.
*If any parts of the decal stick to the clear layer- don’t panic! Carefully lay the clear layer back in place, rub over the area with the credit card again, and slowly roll the clear layer away. Repeat until all parts adhere properly.

Custom sizes, colors, and quantities available upon request!


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