Inhuman: Haiku from the Zombie Apocalypse


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Joshua Gage is an ornery curmudgeon who graduated from the Low Residency MFA Program in Creative Writing at Naropa University.  He has a penchant for Pendleton shirts, rye whiskey, and any poem strong enough to yank the breath out of his lungs.  He stomps around Cleveland in a purple bathrobe and hosts the monthly Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour.

“Zombies don’t do five-seven-five (so many fingers missing)!  This fun book of masterfully written one-gasp poetry proves that the force and beauty of haiku–even those about a walking dead apocalypse–have nothing to do with syllable counting.  Your flesh will crawl–but, hopefully, won’t crawl away!”  — David G. Lanoue, President of the Haiku Society of America

“Gage thoroughly understands the form and his resultant haiku are chilling snapshots of the reality of a world overtaken by a zombie apocalypse…  I audibly gasped several times as I read through this manuscript, the snapshots of his zombie universe felt that real.  I could smell rot, hear the whine of a calliope, feel the warm body of another survivor at my back, taste spiced rum, and clearly see the wiggle of body bags.”  — Deborah P. Kolodji, former President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, Moderator of the Southern California Haiku Study Group

Cover art by Rebekah Moss.

A word from the publisher: There may be other books out there claiming to be “Zombie Haiku,” but, well, as it happens, the 5-7-5 syllabled pieces in those books do NOT actually meet the requirements of Haiku (as defined by the Haiku Society of America).  “INHUMAN” is the real deal.  Josh’s work stays true to the tone of the Romero classics, offering a glimpse into the sheer horror of a world where the dead rise and attack to spread a deadly plague.


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