Imaginary Conversations


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Jen Pezzo lives with her husband and two cats near Akron, Ohio. She started writing when she was nine years old. Besides spending time with her family and friends, she also loves photography, art, music, hiking, and traveling. You will often find her supporting the creative endeavors of her friends when she is out and about, attending a poetry reading, concert, art exhibit, play, or sporting event. She also writes under the pen name Kerowyn Rose.

Cover art by Tim Buck.

“Reading these poems by Jen Pezzo is to witness some magic – an alchemy of the amorous and the surreal flowing through many of the lines. Cheshire smiles, spirit states, and erotic whispers are implicit in several poems of ‘Imaginary Conversations.’ But not all is a-glimmering. Interspersed are other experiences, poems darker-shadowed: existential misgiving, trenchant catharsis. And the various facets of this complex poet — gnomic, visceral — come to written presence in language that is clear and honest.”  — Tim Buck, author of “Echolocation” and “Southern Weather”

“Jen Pezzo’s poetry captures exuberance and despair, youth and maturity.  Her evocative power bursts forth in poems that are bittersweet, sly, and exultant.  The mood varies from satiric to erotic in a heartbeat.  An exciting collection for romantics and cynics alike.”  — Mary Turzillo, Rhysling finalist, Nebula winner, author of “Lovers & Killers” and “Your Cat and Other Space Aliens”
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