How Gandersnitch the Goblin ALMOST Saved Christmas


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Gandersnitch the Goblin returns in a second set of seven Completely Inappropriate Tales.

What happens when he is shanghaied by an errant relative and dragged along on a journey to rescue Santa Claus, when he is forced to go seeking Titania’s errant husband, or when he serves as a lowly bathroom attendant to Satan himself? Absolutely irreverent mayhem, that’s what!

Complete with singing zombies, a hungry dragon, a man servant that can’t die, pyromaniac teenagers, wicked magpies, bleeding trolls, ravenous ogres, haunted hotels, and a plethora of indecent innuendo, this hysterically snarky and completely inappropriate collection is sure to thaw even the coldest winter blues.

These are not children’s bedtime stories though. These are goblin tales: witty, crass, and somehow perfectly charming!


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