Horc & Jeezle Freak Color Drawing


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Horc & Jeezle Freak Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly Redredged

Horc (left)
Horcs are an interesting batch when it comes to names. As little horclings they pretty much answer to anything anybody bigger than them chooses to call them. Eventually, a horc disregards such sentimentality in favor of a more grown-up name. As a general rule, horcs like to say what they do in their name, trying their hardest to sound like bad asses in the process.

Jeezle Freak (right)
Astride his porcelain throne
Jelvis belched a vociferous groan
“Mercy, baby,” He roared
As He crooned to the horde
“Let he without sin cast rhinestone!”