G’Zoink: The Great Giggity Gigging Galavant


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See, there are these things called giggities. They sort of flutter around touching peeps and absorbing their traits. If one touched you, for example, it might nab itself your mighty hairstyle, or maybe your Grandma’s taco recipe, or your ability to blast fireballs out of your nose. That sort of stuff…

Giggity giggers are zazz wagglers (magical sorts) who have hipped themselves to the gist of how to capture giggities, yoink the traits the giggities nabbed from others, and g’zoink them onto themselves. So, like, if you’re a giggity gigger and you capture a giggity who once touched me and absorbed my buns of steel, you can waggle your zazz and get yourself some sweet, sweet buns of your own.

That’s G’Zoink in a nutshell. Simple, yet hideously complex. Players are giggity giggers who catch giggities and g’zoink their traits in an attempt to become the most awesome zazz waggler since zazz waggling first became a thing that’s a thing. It’s not that easy, though, because giggities don’t only absorb the good stuff. If you don’t play your cards right you might end up with horrible backne or a blue hairy tongue or something even worse.

G’Zoink takes place on Mutha Oith, the setting for the Low Life RPG and the Dementalism card game, but familiarity with such things is not necessary for players to enjoy the game.

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