Grease Color Drawing


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Grease Color Drawing Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly Redredged

Grease is the capitol of the Pox Aroma and the realm’s largest stomping ground. As such, it rivals the likes of New Oolquar, Toast, Floom, and Babajuana in scope and complexity. Here sits the majestic palace where Emporer Offle plops his tootsies and issues his various edicts, decrees, and mandates. Here too are Oith’s overflowingest slave pits and its most rambunctious arenas. Extravagance and detritus wrestle for attention as haughty snoots and uppity bureaucrats clog the clammier hoods while the filthier reaches teem with the destitute, the subjugated, and the enslaved.