Fantastic Tales of Fae Vol. 1


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Travel into another world to fight ancient evil and find secrets beyond time…
Rose Withering will take you on a journey with the first five of Fantastic Tales of Fae.

Fans of Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, and Neverending Story will enjoy the way this epic fantasy transcends worlds and spaces to tell a story that for some reason keeps repeating itself. 

Will the cycle break?

Thornburg’s Heir
Ellenora Thornburg is about to turn ten-years-old. One night she catches the transformation of a werecat and is told that she is a half-elf born in a magical world that is dying and that she is the only one who can save it by facing the Bringer of Darkness on her sixteenth birthday.

Thornburg’s Fall
Now that Bellerose remembers who she is, her only thought is finding her one true love, Avery. Her town is preparing for battle, and she needs him to help Martin prepare the people, but will anyone really take a ten-year-old kid seriously?

Thornburg’s Unicorn
After the wedding of Alexandria and Asheron, the kingdom is destroyed and the king and queen are killed. Asheron and his party flee to the cabin in the woods to regroup before attacking Thornburg with the plan to kill Alexandria’s father, but complications lead them to being separated again. Meanwhile in the real world, Bellerose is anxiously waiting for Seth so they can go to Wolf Creek, Wyoming to finally reunite with Avery. While waiting in the woods, Bellerose starts to fiddle with her amulet and a secret is revealed.

Thornburg’s Past
With the Bringer of Darkness released and the amulet gone, there is only one way to fix everything. The sands of time must be turned, but at what cost?

Thornburg’s Daughter
The story of Martin and his lineage as the Keeper of the book. After denying his fate, he will be confronted with it along with his wife. Will they turn their back on the truth or decide to accept destiny?


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