Esophagator Orig. Color Drawing


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Esophagator Orig. Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly Redredged

Lurking in the lakes, rivers, and oceans of OIth are horrors best left undescribed. The esophagator is one such beast. Not because it is particularly horrific (it is!), but because it is hard to describe. I’ll try anyway… It’s mostly mouth, really, a toothy set of jaws connected to a plump and pickle-like body with a long, flat tail and a couple of flippers. Its eyes are on movable stalks and it swims along eating just about anything it can catch, which includes creatures bigger than itself thanks to its expanding stomach. That wasn’t so difficult after all (plus, there’a a picture right over there in case you’re still confused).


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