Dweeb & Hair Bares Orig. Color Drawing


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Dweeb & Hair Bares Orig. Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly (Redredged)

Dweeb (left)
Plump and nerdy, these eggheaded little guys love to show off their intelligence. Life, to them, is a constant game of practical jokes and witticisms. Weak fighters, dweebs use words, trickery, and weirdness to escape unpleasant situations.

Hair Bares (right)
Roaming the Mounstrous Headlands in large packs, these strange predators are a bane to hair harvesters and gadabouts. Essentially nothing more than a pair of squat legs, a shaggy rump, and a chomping maw, they attack en masse, kicking, biting, and farting their opponents into submission.


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