Desiree in Paris: Priestess of Magdalene


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The year is 1452, twenty-two years since Queen Jehanne d’Arc ended the Hundred Years War.When Désirée de Montpellier devoted her life to the church, training to become a priestess of Magdalene, she expected nothing more than the simple life of a sacred prostitute. However, that was not to be. Instead, denied ordination, Désirée is sent to Paris to live in the home of the war hero Gilles de Rais and his handsome son, the sword master Leander de Rais.Désirée, torn between appealing the decision that blocked her ordination at Notre Dame Magdalene de Paris and the dark temptations of House de Rais, quickly finds herself swept up into the intrigue of the French royal court.And finds her heart stolen by the unlikeliest of people – the icy daughter of Queen Jehanne.Désirée in Paris: Priestess of Magdalene is an erotic historic fantasy novel taking place in a magical version of 1400s France.


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