Danged Wrangler & Giggity Gigger Color Drawing


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Danged Wrangler & Giggity Gigger Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly Redredged

Danged Wrangler (left)
Danged Wranglers, sometimes called danglers, wrangle creatures …of the Danged. They use their tenebrous influence to summon, create, and control such nonliving-but-not-quite-dead creatures. They can also manipulate the Fundamental forces that keep such peeps moving, brandishing various mumbos of murky jumbo.

Giggity Gigger (right)
Giggity giggers are peeps who’ve hipped themselves to the arcane methods used to extract various purloined traits from mysterious and enigmatic creatures known as giggities. Giggers are able to summon giggities, bind them into servitude, and transfer various characteristics from giggities to themselves (and possibly others).


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