Cuddlefuzz II Orig. Color Drawing


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Cuddlefuzz II Orig. Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Whole Hole Vol 1 Keister Island

Really, the most important thing about the Gobcraw is that it eventually splits, just outside of Floom, into a number of brackish tributaries known collectively as the Flomp’smop Canals. These sallow waterways serve Floom and its denizens in a number of ways, providing transportation, water for washing and drinking (it tastes like sweat, but it’s marginally potable), and a handy place to dump a dump (or a corpse or whatever). Boatmen known as dinghy-hacks row or pole their flat-bottomed skiffs along the Flomp’smops, driving passangers and delivering goods (for a fee, of course).