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Dianne Borsenik is active in the Cleveland, Ohio poetry scene, and is the founder of NightBallet Press.  Her work has appeared in numerous places, including: SlipstreamRosebudLilliput ReviewPudding MagazineModern HaikuVending MachineThe Magnetic Poetry Book of Poetry, the Wick Poetry Center’s “Speak Peace” project, S.A. Griffin’s The Poetry Bomb, and in Genesis of Evil, performed by actor Jonathan Frid (Barnabas on TV’s Dark Shadows).  Recent chapbooks include Blue GraffitiBad Ink, and Fortune Cookie.


“Over the years it has been a joy to sit, ponder, and absorb the poetry of Dianne Borsenik, both on the page and on the stage.  Borsenik’s latest collection is both funny and sensual while keeping its finger on the pulse of modern American pop culture and the ever-beating human heart. This is a life well lived, with an open mind and a healthy dose of laughter.”  –John Dorsey, author of Tombstone Factory

“Kaleidoscopic meditations on parts of the human body, they alight with the staggered efficiency of birds dropping down to a wire and have, at their heart, a wise hand that tilts skin toward the sun.”  –Tom Kryss, author of The Search for the Reason Why

“I had the pleasure of serving as a judge for the Best Cleveland Poem Competition. Dianne was the unanimous choice for top prize. Her prose was lively, meaningful, and connected beautifully to her audience. She is a Cleveland treasure that never disappoints.”  –Tim Misny, lawyer (

“These poems are full of delight, energy, variety, warmth, and wit. There is a Mae West-Molly Bloom openness to life, a thrill in the senses, the body, in the smallest things. This excitement engages us totally as she takes us along. She is going to ‘see this party through to the end’ and she doesn’t let us not go with her.”  — Lyn Lifshin, author of A Girl Goes into the Woods


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