Con on the Cob T-Shirt (Nerdcore Explosion)


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I have no idea what that first part means…

This shirt features our very own MC Fresh Popped, founding coblin of the Con on the Cob NERDCORE EXPLOSION, a celebration of comedy music and geeky hip hop. This year’s show features performances by some incredible artists, including:

MC Lars Alpha Riff Juice Lee Huge Euge Worm Quartet Crimson Alchemist Justin Curry Ai Den Erik Stephen Mark Cooper 2d6

It’s going to be amazing!

Your shirt will be waiting for you at the CotC Souvenirium when you arrive at Con on the Cob.

Shirt design and style may be subject to change (but we’ll do our best to match the displayed image).

Shirts will be shipped mid October, 2020.


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