Cheese Toes & Umbley the Glop Color Drawing


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Cheese Toes & Umbley the Glop Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Whole Hole Vol. 1 Keister Island

Cheese Toes (Left)
Imagine yourself walking slowly down a Garden path. Everywhere you look in every direction is a rocky landscape bristling with carefully ordered rows of vibrant fungal shrubbery. Each fungus is identified by a tiny sign, carefully painted with a description of the smellemedley infused within. You close your eyes and continue walking, savoring the multitudinous scents that waft from the blooming rows. The tempting aroma of fresh pancakes becomes the rancid stench of partially digested pickles in a horc’s gullet becomes the delicate perfume of a bleakblossom fritter becomes an old sock becomes… Then you trip over something and fall on your face (who told you to walk around with your eyes closed, anyway?). Looking up you see an enormously beschnozzled smelf, his head covered in a wicked hat decorated to resemble some predatory beast and his nose tattooed with mystic runes an stuff. He reaches down and helps you to your feet. When you stammer an explanation for your clumsiness he calmly explains why you’re an idiot and you’ll never really grasp the gist of the Garden and its limitless wonders. At least that’s what happened to me.

Umbley the Glop (right)
I’m not really sure what the pudding-like goo this guy peddles actually is. It’s something like mud and something like squished fruit. Also something like fish for some reason. It’s also kind of spicy, but I’m not sure what kind of spice. I don’t know. It’s weird. I’m not sure if I like it or not. I think I do. It’s elusive. Maybe I should try it again. Yeah, I’ll go now and get some.