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Have you ever wanted to organize a literary department? Maybe you already do, but it needs to be updated for the modern publishing world?

Now you can, with the help and expertise of best selling author and Authors Alley founder, Weston Kincade. Weston created Cleveland ConCoction’s Authors Alley in 2015, and since then the convention regularly draws thirty active authors to participate annually. Panelists range from Nebula, Hugo, Elgin, Robert A. Heinlein, and Bram Stoker award winners to USA Today and New York Times best sellers. Panel and convention attendance has grown steadily every year. Weston Kincade has been contacted by conventions states away seeking advice, and other conventions are adopting the model with success. Now it is available to you in this short how-to guide, Build Your Authors Alley.

Inside, Weston provides detailed instructions to navigate you through the entire process. As an extra bonus, he has opened his toolbox of scheduling templates, example emails, newsletters, and a post-convention sales template to easily track your participating authors’ sales.

To find your own convention success, pick up Build Your Authors Alley today.


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