Broccodiliac & Dungling Orig. Color Drawing


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Broccodiliac & Dungling Orig. Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Whole Hole Vol. 02 Holy Crap The Great Sects Change Operation

Broccodiliac (left)
Broccodile cults are abundant throughout many of Oith’s swampier realms. They go by many names (the Broccodilian Brotherhood, the Broccodiliacs, the Broccdonkadonks, etc…) and are largely unaffiliated with each other.

Dungling (right)
The sacred ball of dung being, well, sacred and all, these guys are all about it. They venerate Boorglezar’s hallowed sphere and ponder the significance of the object, not only as a ritually compelling artifact but also as a philosophical and mathematical entity of mystery.