A Suffering Sock & Byulunculus the Vigilant Orig. Color Drawing


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A Suffering Sock & Byulunculus the Vigilant Orig. Color Drawing
Color pencil drawing.
Low Life: The Whole Hole Vol. 1 Keister Island

A Suffering Sock (Left)
These guys are all about the torment. They inflict so much pain on themselves and each other it hurts me just to write about it. I mean, seriously. Enough. I don’t claim to grasp all the nuances of their faith, but the gist goes thusly: apparently there’s a finite amount of pain the world can contain. The more agonies the brethern and sisthren of the Suffering Socks heap upon themselves, the less there is for others to suffer. Sounds pretty altruistic, and they claim to have Fundamental evidence to back it all up, but what if they’re wrong? Can you imagine going through a lifetime of torture, on  purpose, only to find out you were wrong all along and the world has plenty of agony to for everyone?

Byulunculus the Vigilant (Right)
Byulunculus kicks buns in the name of righteousness. He’s a hard-smacking, limb-sawing, crime-fighting blob of indiscriminately enforced justice.