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Pictures with Krampus at Oddmall Outpost!

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The answer to all your prayers! For TWO DAYS ONLY the legendary Krampus – punisher of wicked children and despoiler of holiday cheer – will be appearing at the one and only ODDMALL OUTPOST: ASSEMBLY OF ODD! Bring the kiddos (and/or pets) by to get their pictures taken with one of folklore’s most horrendous villains. There’s a chance a certain bearded fellow and his favorite reindeer might be here as well…
Professional photographer Aeron Reinhardt will be here taking beautiful photos for you (which you can purchase for an extremely reasonable fee) and professional set designer and cosplayer Andrew Fenske will perform the rites and rituals required to summon Krampus from his mountainous lair.
While you’re here why not do some holiday shopping? I guarantee no other store in the entire known universe has the unique jazz and handmade oddities you’ll find at Oddmall Outpost. Why not, indeed…


Take your own picture: FREE
Professionally taken digital photo: $5
8×10 Photo Print: $10