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The Oddmall Outpost physical store is only open on the weekends due to the pandemic, but our online store is available 24/7.

Disease sucks. Heck, you don’t need us to tell you that. Anyway, we are currently in the grip of a worldwide pandemic (which is kind of what “pandemic” means) and, as a result we have very sadly had to make the responsible decision and keep the physical store closed the majority of the week until things return to a state of relative normalcy and it is safe for our immunocompromised friends and family members to return to work. We currently only offer weekend hours of Saturday 12 to 6 and Sunday 11 to 5.

Unfortunately, we’ve also had to postpone all of this year’s Oddmall shows and events (as well as Con on the Cob) until next year. This makes us very sad, as I’m certain it does you as well.

In the meantime, please enjoy the Oddmall Outpost Online Store ( and the many online Facebook Live sales and events we are planning to launch in early September. Check back here, and at and for details as they arise.

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Game Day at Oddmall Outpost

Join your fellow local geeks and nerds for an exciting and convivial day of games and camaraderie. Borrow games from the Oddmall Outpost Games Library or bring your own. Make new friends who share your interests and utterly destroy them at the table.

Everyone is invited and it’s free for all! Donations are, of course, appreciated. Bring a snack to share if you are thusly inclined.

It’s happening Saturday February 8th from 4-10pm!

This Month’s Theme: Ancient Cultures
1. Imhotep (including New Dynasty Expansion) (2-4 players): Become the greatest builder of Ancient Egypt using light resource mangement
2. Tzolk’in (2-4 players): Mayan Calendar themed dynamic worker placement game
3. Chariots of Rome (2-8 players): A competitive chariot-racing game
4. Voluspa (2-5 players): Norse mythology themed tile laying game

Brought to you by The Akron/Canton Geeks and Nerds Meetup Group. Visit them at

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Black Friday and Small Business Saturday at Oddmall Outpost

Join the festivities at Oddmall Outpost and stuff your stockings and Santa sacks full of all the crazy jazz we have here to satisfy your holiday shopping needs!

If an item does not appear in our inventory it doesn’t exist! That’s not true at all. Many things exist that aren’t in our inventory. In particular, we are relatively bereft of such items as mass produced junk and assembly line mishagos. What we do have are thousands of incredibly interesting and wonderfully unique handmade oddities and works of art created by some of the area’s most talented artists and crafters. If that kind of thing is your bag, baby, then come on down to Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd and get your shop on!

You’ll find something awesome or my name isn’t Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd!

Visit the Facebook event page to receive reminders and learn more!