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Oddmall Outpost Update – When will we be opening?

Hi friends,

I thought an update might be helpful. We are currently awaiting various inspections and approvals from the county. We have been approved by the city, pending the county’s input and a few tasks they want us to complete (an architectural drawing of the building, restriping the parking lot, repairing a few things, ADA accessibilty issues, etc…). These things are expensive and time consuming but we’re working on getting them completed as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we have been busily getting the digs in order. We’ve done a lot of decorating and setup. We’ve been adding inventory and getting the POS system in working order. The Oddmall Outpost online store is in place and running smoothly. All is well, just taking longer than expected. 🙂

I am considering running a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the various repairs and drawings and such, with rewards being Oddmall merchandise (shirts, mugs, stickers, and other fun stuff). Stick around. That might be happening soon and your support and participation are sincerely appreciated.

We’ll continue to keep everyone in the loop and let you know when we have any significant developments or updates. Have a wonderful day!