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Game Day at Oddmall Outpost

Join your fellow local geeks and nerds for an exciting and convivial day of games and camaraderie. Borrow games from the Oddmall Outpost Games Library or bring your own. Make new friends who share your interests and utterly destroy them at the table.

Everyone is invited and it’s free for all! Donations are, of course, appreciated. Bring a snack to share if you are thusly inclined.

It’s happening Saturday February 8th from 4-10pm!

This Month’s Theme: Ancient Cultures
1. Imhotep (including New Dynasty Expansion) (2-4 players): Become the greatest builder of Ancient Egypt using light resource mangement
2. Tzolk’in (2-4 players): Mayan Calendar themed dynamic worker placement game
3. Chariots of Rome (2-8 players): A competitive chariot-racing game
4. Voluspa (2-5 players): Norse mythology themed tile laying game

Brought to you by The Akron/Canton Geeks and Nerds Meetup Group. Visit them at